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BIRSFELDEN 5 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set w/ 2NS

BIRSFELDEN 5 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set w/ 2NS

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BIRSFELDEN 5 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set w/ 2NS, 83 7/8"L X 65 1/4"W X 44 1/4"H, 515.99lbs. Just one look, and there is no doubt where this bedroom set belongs--in a modern home. For starters, a striking two-tone design is produced by allowing large blocks of high gloss white to be interrupted by dark, metallic gray gaps. The headboard and case good panels all feature this bold color contrast. True to modern pieces, drawer handles are out of sight, as the gaps serve as concealed pulls as well. Look closer, and you'll notice how the gaps themselves are not even in width; this purposeful asymmetry adds more to the appeal and modern vibe.

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